Good News in History, August 29

August - 29 - 2016
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50 years ago today, the Beatles played their last concert before a paying audience, — a sold-out crowd of 25,000 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. It was the final show on their American tour, and John and Paul brought cameras on stage to take pictures between songs. They The post Good News in  [ Read More ]

After losing his police officer dad, this little four-year-old boy had an army of stand-ins for his first day of school. Dozens of officers from the Amarillo Police Department were standing in for a 39 year-old cop who died earlier this month from car accident injuries sustained a year ago. The post ‘Army of Stand-ins’  [ Read More ]

This group of actors in Holland took shoppers by surprise when they rode in on horseback in honor of a beloved Rembrandt painting at the Rijksmuseum. The post (A Look Back) Watch 17th Century Rembrandt Celebrated in Raucous Dutch Flash Mob appeared first on Good News Network. Good News Network

In a historic moment, after four years of negotiations, FARC rebels in Colombia have signed a peace deal with the government, bringing to an end decades of armed conflict and setting up a process for reconciliation and reintegration. “We can say the armed conflict is over and the exchange of The post 50-Year War Finally  [ Read More ]

In the wake of the torrential rainfall causing debilitating floods this month throughout Louisiana, young voters in the neighboring state decided to set aside their political differences in order to lend a helping hand. In a perfect show of Southern hospitality, the Texas Young Republicans Committee teamed up with the The post Young Democrats and  [ Read More ]

Katie Couric, former news anchor for “CBS Evening News” took a million pay cut in 2009 in order to save the jobs of other employees. The story is only just now coming to light because of the Amazon best seller Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency by The post News Anchor Secretly Took  [ Read More ]

Surfers and swimmers can now breath easily thanks to a new wearable gadget that has finally been proven to deter great white sharks from attacking. The post Device Can Repel Sharks By Creating an Electric Field Around Wearer appeared first on Good News Network. Good News Network

This 6-year-old child watched a woman in her car steal his favorite red ball off of the road before driving away – so the local cops stepped in with a gift. The post Little Boy Won’t Let Go of Police Gift After They Replace Stolen Ball appeared first on Good News Network. Good News Network

The happy ending to how the Wagner twins received their life-saving liver is something out of a Hollywood movie, let alone real life. The post Dad Can Only Donate Life-Saving Liver to One Twin, So 19-yo Stranger Steps In appeared first on Good News Network. Good News Network

This little guy could apply for the oceanic NBA after he learned to shoot hoops for his arthritic elbows. The post Sea Otter Taught To Play Basketball For His Health (WATCH) appeared first on Good News Network. Good News Network